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To honor our 25th anniversary, the church will celebrate with the giving of a gift that will be strategically used to serve the least and lost. James Emery White explores all of this in the series, "A new term has found traction on the cultural scene: weaponized. Even then, we may find that thoughtful, committed Christians may disagree on how best to employ the biblical principles for their life.

It's also brought a national reckoning unlike any in recent history. Message Audio Download - .00It's no surprise that we associate the Christmas season with giving.Message Manuscript - .00Message Audio Download - .00As we approach the celebration of Christmas, we have found that many pastors are requesting some of James Emery White's teachings from past years. But what if we could take a guided tour, walking through all 66 of its books, and helped to know how to dip into the most pivotal passages?For your convenience, we have grouped these sermons under the category of The most influential book in human history is, without a doubt, the collected writings known as the Bible. That's what James Emery White's latest series, "Thru the Bible in 7 Weeks," is all about.The words spoken to you as a child continue to echo through your spirit, affecting your self-esteem and relationships with others.The dark, unspoken abuse, the pain of abandonment, the substance abuse... " How can we break generational patterns of dysfunction?

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