Castelseras online dating

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These beautiful natural spaces with an extraordinary, beautiful landscapes and a wealth of plant and animal life are waiting to be discovered by visiting hikers.

Located in the town of Wasselonne, just 4 km from the start of the Alsace Wine Route in Marlenheim, this family-run hotel offers a traditional Alsatian restaurant on-site.

Prehistoric remains, traces of Iberian and Roman civilizations, vestiges of the Moors; hidden passageways carved into the rocks, monuments, palaces, churches, manors, as well as exceptional medieval legacies like the Calatravos’ Castle, the symbol of Alcañiz, all of which make-up the singular cultural mosaic offered to those who come to visit the city.

The local traditions are also a hallmark of the city.

Alcañiz, Alcorisa, Calanda, Andorra, Urrea, Albalate, Samper, Híjar and La Puebla de Híjar are the framework of the famous Holy Week of the Lower Aragón region, with the processions, the re-enactment of the Drama of the Cross and the Rompida de la Hora (hourly burst of drums).

A first tour to visit Alcañiz, Calanda, Mas de las Matas, Foz-Calanda, Aguaviva and Las Parras de Castellote.

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