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She does come over to Amritsar as and when she can.

Her maternal grandparents are there but she resists them like anything.

Since it was already decided in our case that she would be posted outside l was mentally prepared to be a visiting husband Besides where there is love there is no ego. Sometimes when she would be tired I pressed her legs also. After two months of marriage she got the call for training. We used to write five letters everyday with numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, marked on them. Her parents resisted as there were 'no women r officers in the lndian police force then.

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Nog steeds vertrouw ik hem niet en als ik \'s avonds op bed lig, ben ik bang dat hij weer zit te chatten.Toen kon hij natuurlijk niet meer ontkennen en gaf toe dat hij graag torselets, kousen en hoge hakken droeg. Hij was \'blij\' dat hij dat geheim niet meer alleen had en we hebben toen de lingerie ook in ons sex leven betrokken.Samen hebben we toen ook een msn account aangemaakt en daar staan allerlei contacten op van vnl. Op een gegeven moment zat ik achter de computer en toen bleek inderdaad dat hij al jaren ook nog een eigen account had op msn en hier gewoon stiekem mee was doorgegaan.ln a two room house it used to become really overcrowded and I felt highly suffocated, Gradually I began to feel very uncomfortable there as her parents would interfere in our personal relationship and we began to drift apart.Brij with his daughter Her parents could not cope with that and tried their best by fair or foul means to win her devotion in which they succeeded, I also felt that being a daughter she does have her obligation towards them and never tried to obstruct her relationship with them.

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