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Ouran High School Host Club finished its run on September 26, 2006, totaling to twenty-six episodes.

The series is licensed for distribution in North America by FUNimation Entertainment, set for release across the region in summer 2008. FUNimation announced two cast members every Friday on their website for the series which led up to the main cast announcements at Anime Expo 2008.

At the end of the party, a "queen" is chosen to receive a kiss on the cheek from Tamaki.

However, just as Kanako is chosen as the queen, the twins Hikaru and Kaoru Hitachiin announce that Haruhi will be giving the kiss.

The first anime DVD set containing the first thirteen episodes was released on October 28, 2008 in North America; and the second volume became available on January 6, 2009 containing the last thirteen episodes.

Scholarship student Haruhi Fujioka arrives at the elite private school Ouran Academy where she is mistaken as male due to her short hair and boyish appearance.

The group cooks up a plan to help them reunite at an upcoming Dance.After a while, the hosts realize Haruhi has natural talent and change her means of repayment from errand boy to Host-in-Training and will forgive her debt if she obtains 100 paying customers.One by one, the other club members realize that Haruhi is a girl, except for club leader Tamaki Suoh.Ouran High School Host Club is an anime series adapted from the manga of the same title by Bisco Hatori.It began broadcasting on April 4, 2006 on Nippon Television, and ended on September 26, 2006.

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