Strip chat rooms

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There’s a lip at the bottom, and Michelle shows me how the rubber soles on her stripper shoes provide enough grip for her to perch on it.These shoes are tools: the space between the platform sole and the sturdy heel provides a foothold on the pole for climbing, and the solid plastic construction of the heels means that one can hang from the rail at the top by the ankles with some confidence. If you want to feel good about yourself, the dancers say, work in a strip club.It’s hard to explain the weird protection that a place like the club—a man’s place, a fantasy place—provides me, with its rules and friendly security guards, protections I live without in real life. Tony likes me—I sell a lot of drinks—so he includes me in the one-sided conversations in which he badmouths the dancers.

* * * * At 6pm, I walk the fifty meters from where my friends have dropped me.

Five dollars will see her remove one item of clothing, slowly.

Twenty will ensure nudity, and depending on her skill level, anything from a butt-shimmy in the face of the paying patron to an upside-down spread-legged spiral from the rail around the top of the pole. “Up next, we have the beautiful Karly and the Alicia!

When I walk into the club this is what I see: a long, low room with vinyl-padded walls. The woman on stage looks bored as she suspends herself from the pole by her feet, chest thrust out. I would shrug convincingly and say something about my financial empowerment cancelling out the moral quandary inherent in the business. I catch the bus in the next evening, more heavily made-up than usual.

I get an application form from the bar and wait while the bartender finds a pen. There are a few tables not claimed by my competition. Name, age, nationality, previous bar experience, and three check boxes: bar staff, hostess, dancer. At first, my friends and my boyfriend expressed incredulity at the idea of a girl who was known to yell feminist slogans into the faces of leering men in utes* being okay with taking a job in the adult industry.

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