Updating damn small linux firefox

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Notice the line "tce= Specify Restore TCE apps directory" then at the boot prompt type: tinycore tce=xxyz where xxyz is your drive partition particulars.

Note: This tce= boot option is only needed one time! However for faster booting, add the tce= boot option to your bootloader.

I tried a few files, one of them I know is not damaged. Choice is yours Fifth firefox: The download script is and subsequent start of firefox is on the menu Apps-firefox. I'm now using 'where' instead of 'locate'.

Using view they are all empty and using unpack/unzip doesn't extract any files. From rxvt: (shell/console/term whatever is the correct name)The unzip command gives this error: Do I need a plugin or something to handle files? I notice the startup doc in dillo mentions 'scite' I don't think that package is on 0.7.2 somehow. mv tmp filetypes And if this is live CD then add the /home/dsl/.emelfm to the /home/dsl/Third: Timezones Yep, needs some work here. You can always edit your menu to your likeing or use the whitebox tool via the my DSL system. Sixth: Documentation What can I say, we developers type always forget some documentation. I misread the boot message, it was more like Thanks for the info on the timezones. After using search (doh) this thread has some of my answers: Should I be running the backup/restore script from text mode so the ~/.fluxbox/init file is processed correctly?

For best results use the desktop application Appbrowser, it is available from the icon launch bar or the system menu.

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From within emelfm: Emelfm is trying to use nedit to open files (I changed my filetype to beaver).

If you forget to boot with this option and are already at the desktop, then from the icon launch bar select Control or the system menu Control Panel.

Select Set TCE Drive and you will be prompted to select your drive partition for the tce directory.

See: Downloads Howto To make your extensions persistent Tiny Core needs a directory to store them.

Do the following: Boot CD, at first boot prompt press f2.

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