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The second processor option includes a processor, a heatsink, and an additional system fan.The SR590 server supports up to 8 Tru DDR4 memory DIMMs with one processor and up to 16 DIMMs when two processors are installed.Adaptive Double Device Data Correction (ADDDC) works with x4-based memory DIMMs and requires two DIMM ranks per channel, Intel Xeon Gold or Platinum processors, and the Closed Page memory access mode.If memory mirroring is used, then DIMMs must be installed in quantities of 2 or 4 per processor for mirroring across two memory channels, or 3 or 6 per processor for mirroring across three memory channels. If memory rank sparing is used, then a dual-rank or quad-rank DIMM must be installed per populated channel (the DIMMs do not need to be identical; single-rank DIMMs are not supported).Configure-to-order (CTO) models can also be created for factory-integrated server customization.All models of the SR590 server are shipped with the following items: * Processor details: Processor quantity and model, cores, thermal design power (TDP), and core speed.SR590 server models are country-specific; that is, each country may define their own server models, and not all server models are available in every country.

Lenovo Tru DDR4 memory uses the highest-quality components sourced from Tier 1 DRAM suppliers and only memory that meets strict requirements is selected.

It is compatibility tested and tuned on every Think System server to maximize performance and reliability.

Tru DDR4 memory has a unique signature programmed into the DIMM, which enables Lenovo servers to verify whether the memory installed is qualified and supported.

In rank sparing mode, one rank of a DIMM in each populated channel is reserved as spare memory.

The size of a rank varies depending on the DIMMs installed.

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